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QuantOn is an investment company established in 2015. It is subject to the supervision of the National Bank of Slovakia, license ODT-9619 / 2016-1, and is a member of the Investment Guarantee Fund. QuantOn Solutions, o.c.p., a.s. is a registered CTA, member of NFA, ID: 0539231. This presentation is not a specific investment recommendation for purchasing or selling certain financial products. This publication’s investments or investment philosophy is not suitable for every investor. Before entering into any transaction, the potential investor must first consider the appropriateness, risks, and specifics specific investment product. As part of the decision–making process, this publication should be combined with a particular product sheet and other documentation related to the investment service (if available). Investing and trading in financial markets can be associated with high risk. The individual types of risks are listed and described in the Company’s published General Terms and Conditions and other internal regulations available at the registered office. In this context, it should be noted that the return on investment is not guaranteed. The amount of risk is affected by the chosen investment strategy and the time duration of the investment. The value of the asset over time varies depending on current market conditions. The previous development of investment product returns does not guarantee their future development. This may change significantly in the future depending on various factors.